Team RunKeeper’s 2015 Fitness Goals!

Team RunKeeper’s 2015 Fitness Goals!
We’re back with one of our favorite holiday traditions: sharing our fitness goals for the year with the rest of the world. Yes, we’re jumping into the New Year’s Resolution fray, but we’re naturally a goal-setting bunch at the RunKeeper offices, so really we’re just glad that this is the one time of year when the rest of the world shares our ...

We’re back with one of our favorite holiday traditions: sharing our fitness goals for the year with the rest of the world. Yes, we’re jumping into the New Year’s Resolution fray, but we’re naturally a goal-setting bunch at the RunKeeper offices, so really we’re just glad that this is the one time of year when the rest of the world shares our obsession!  Nerds, we know. For context, be sure to check out 2014’s goals and the mid-year recap on June on how we were performing against those. Without further ado, check out them goals!


Team RunKeeper

Rebecca, Director of Program Management

In 2014 my goals were: Run another marathon and finish in under 5 hours (Also, don’t run a hilly marathon and get injured mid-run!).  I finished the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon in 4:37. The added bonus was Matt & Sam from the RunKeeper team ran it too! Don’t lose focus on strength training during marathon training (easy to do as you know, but I feel like I lost strength in other areas during training) I was consistent in doing this at least 1x a week, which was in improvement from my first marathon. I want to increase this for next year. 2015 Goals:
    • Run a sub-2:00 half marathon. My PR is 2:01:33 and I was running that as hard as I’ve ever run a race. I will focus much more on speed work and getting faster this year.
    • Strength train at least 2x a week consistently
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Team RunKeeper's 2015 Fitness Goals

 Chris, Product Manager

  • Sub-2 hour half marathon
  • Get back to my fighting weight (lose 10 lbs)
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Team RunKeeper's 2015 Fitness Goals!

Josh, QA Engineer

  • Lose 20 lbs
  • Increase endurance
  • Get “trail fit” for a little long distance hike by September
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Team RunKeepers 2015 Fitness Goals

Courtney, Office Manager

My goal last year was to increase my running endurance and run a half marathon, which got side-lined when I got shin-splints, so I decided to make a big goal for myself that will hopefully not include any injuries :)

  • This year’s: eat more leafy greens and walk 2,000 miles by next year. So far, I’m 24% in, and according to RunKeeper I am on track to hit that goal as long as I keep up with my walking!
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Team RunKeepers 2015 Fitness Goals

Danielle, Software Engineer

  • Run a sub-1:40 half marathon—I’m coming back from a foot injury and a four-month running hiatus, so this’ll be fun.
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Team RunKeepers 2015 Fitness Resolutions

Saul, QA Engineer

My 2014 goals were to bike 1000 miles, to run a marathon, and to run a total of 350 miles. I biked over 1600 miles, finished my marathon in 4:35, but I fell short on the running goal (about 265 total miles so far).

  • For 2015 I’d like to run another marathon in under 4:20 (I’m signed up to run the VT City Marathon in May), and to bike a total of 2000 miles.
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 Team RunKeeper's 2015 Fitness Goals!

Terry, Program Manager of Brand Partnerships 

  • My fitness goal for 2015 is to hike 10 of New Hampshire’s 4000-footers. My husband and I have a long-term goal of summiting all 48 of the 4000-footers in New Hampshire, and I’d like to take our count from 26 to 36 by the end of the year.
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Team RunKeeper's 2015 Fitness Goals

Jim, Marketing Coordinator 

My 2014 goal was 52 runs, which I hit!  Sure, some may only be half-mile runs to and from places, but 52 is 52! I also ran the farthest I’ve ever ran before, which was a 10K over the summer. I’m also pretty happy as I tracked 181 trips overall this past year, and 104 of them were walking! So even if I wasn’t running everywhere, I was certainly getting my steps in.

  • This year, my big goal is to run a half marathon! As I said before, the farthest I’ve ever ran is 10K, so I figured 13.1 is my next step. We’ll see where it goes from there! I’m already signed up for the Providence Half at the beginning of May, so wish me luck!
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 Mikhail Glabets Photography

Jamie, Senior Software Engineer

2014 was a pretty big bust for me but I was still able to fit a in few big races: NYC Half and the Falmouth Road Race. I also mixed in some smaller local races and ended the season with a sub-19 5K. The biggest accomplishment however was picking up cycling and putting 1,700 miles of commuting on my legs between May and October.
  • 2015 is going to be a big year, maybe the biggest .My first goal (same as last year), stay injury free. What will I do differently? Still working on that and taking suggestions.
  • Assuming I can succeed at Goal #1, the next goal is to get back on the train to marathon town. I’m currently targeting spring and fall marathons (I’m coming for you, Chicago).
  • Run more team relays. The RunKeeper ‘Reach The Beach’ team was great this year and I’m looking forward to running many more relays with them.
  • Last but not least is to complete a triathlon. I’m a terrible swimmer, but I think I can make up for it on the bike and run legs. I’m also looking to find a not-so-expensive place to learn to swim better.
  • Complete a 50 mile ultra marathon by end of year (stretch goal)
  • BQ (stretch goal)

Team RunKeepers 2015 Fitness Goals

Samantha, Program Manager 

Last year most of my goals were CrossFit and lifting related—I’m still committed to lifting heavy, but this year I’ve added in a new-found love of endurance and triathlon. For 2015, I’m setting some longer term goals that will require dedicated effort throughout the year.
  • My first goal is to try out one new fitness activity or class per month—I’m looking at you Barre, Indoor Climbing, and Skyzone…
  • This year I’m committing to an ambitious (for me at least!): 500 miles of running, 500 miles of walking, and 500 miles of cycling. And 20 miles of swimming!
  • I also plan on doing at least one race every month. Here’s my current list of 2015 road races! I think I’ll be able to make this one!
  • I have one speed goal—a 26 minute 5k. Last year I ended up focusing on endurance (and ran my first marathon!) This year I’m actually going to work on some speed!
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Tim, VP Business Development 

Team RunKeeper's 2015 Fitness Goals!

Erin, Marketing Director

Last year I was committed to incorporating more strength and cross training into my routine, taking at least 10 minutes off my marathon time, and ideally qualifying for Boston. I am super proud to say I qualified and successfully registered! Which brings me to this year’s goals….
  • Run the 2015 Boston Marathon and have a ton of freaking fun doing it! People keep asking if I have a time goal for this one, and my answer is consistently, “nope, I want to have fun.” That’s not to say I can’t have fun and PR, but I don’t want to beat myself up along the way if I’m going slower than expected. It’s my dream race and I want to put every bit of energy into enjoying the sights, sounds, and and energy of it all. Also, I really don’t want to crash and burn on Heartbreak Hill…
  • Eat more vegetables. Whenever I marathon train I want to eat mainly carbs and cheese. I need to get more greens in my life!
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Team RunKeeper's 2015 Fitness Goals!

Nicholas, Data Scientist  

I’m pretty pleased with how I did on my 2014 fitness goals.  In the fall some friends took me to day-hike the Presidential Traverse as a surprise birthday present, and I met my goal to run a sub-21:00 5K in my last race of the year.  However, even though I lost 15 pounds this year, I’ve still got a few more to go to meet my weight goal.  You can’t do it all with exercise—nutrition has to play a part, too, and that’s often where I have trouble :). As for next year, my fitness goals are:

Team RunKeeper's 2015 Fitness Goals!

Matt, UI Manager

In 2014, I ran 750 miles, ran two marathons (one unofficial one), and bought a bike! For this year’s goals I want to:

  • Bike over 750 miles
  • Run three marathons (again)
  • Go to the gym 2-3 times a week
  • Get to bed earlier to be able to get up earlier
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Steve, DevOps Engineer 

My 2014 goals were to complete the “Beginner 5K” training plan and start another training plan once I completed that. Unfortunately I made it partway through and then tore a muscle in my calf. I also wanted to run a 5K before the end of the year—the closest I came was running from the RK office to the marathon finish line with Simon. For 2015, my goals are:
  • Before September 16, 2015, get my weight down below 200 pounds and keep it there for at two continuous weeks (this is my Earn Your Kicks goal at the RunKeeper office: lots more information and status update is here.)
  • Complete the Jeff Galloway Beginner 5K “To Finish” – Run Walk Run training plan
  • Complete a 5K
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Team RunKeeper's 2014 fitness goals

Doug, VP Engineering  

In 2014 I met my goal of running the Boston Marathon, and raised $12k for Dana Farber cancer research. I was humbled once again by the marathon distance, but finished. I also wanted to keep running and cycling after Boston. I ended up biking the 150 mile Ride to Cure MS in June over two days, biked to Portland, Maine in August—130 miles in one day—and logged 3200 miles on RunKeeper, which was 500 hours and 232k calories burned. 2015’s goals:
  • Bike the 150 mile Ride to Cure MS in June for MS research
  • Bike the 160 mile Pan Mass Challenge for Dana Farber cancer research
  • Learn to run (correctly) again, keep running 5k’s, maybe some sprint tri’s – “win the fun”
  • Aim for 3500 miles next year logged on RunKeeper
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Now do tell! What are YOUR fitness goals for 2015? Can you relate to any of ours? Let us know in the comments!